Thursday, May 20, 2010


During my freshman year my mother and I took on the responsibility of caring for a family friend's pregnant cat, while she was off on vacation in Florida. My mom and I were only told to feed the cat and change her litter box. We were told that the cat shouldn't give birth till after her owner returned, boy was that correct. Two days before her owner return the cat gave birth to her kittens. I remember how disgusting the whole process was, and worse we had to clean it up, which by the way was not fun! The actual even I think will be etched into my mind forever. Seeing these slimy, oval creature come out of the back of this cat and causing her pain grossed me out and I couldn't eat anything that night.
After the whole ordeal was over we decided it would be better to bring the cats to our house where we could keep a closer eye on them. Adding them to the collection of animals at or house wasn't that big of a hassle at first, even though there were 10 animals in the house now (one dog and nine cats). We set the cats up in their own room and everything was fine. After a while we figured since my dog doesn't mine our original cats, and that two out of three of them came from the pregnant cat, that there would be any issues. It turns out cats can be very protective of their new borns. The mother attacked all of my pets in a furious rage, so we just couldn't wait to hand her back over to her own owner. But the good thing about the whole ordeal is that my family added another cat to the collection. So after all the other cats were returned we had five animals in the house. I think that 10 animals are way too many and glad that none of my cats are pregnant, so they don’t go crazy on one another.