Thursday, June 3, 2010

Future Students

Dear future 110 students,
So you've signed up for English 110. You are probably thinking I can't wait to get this class over with. Maybe you hate writing or you just aren't good at it, whatever the reason is don't stress about this class, that's what's going to into trouble.

I started off the class with a feeling of "why me." I felt that the teacher was giving us to much to do, I didn't understand what the point of the class was, and not to mention I am horrible with reading, writing and especially grammar. However, that all changed for me not that far into the class year. A lady from the OSU Writing Center came in and talked about what they did and how they could help us. I decided to check them out a couple days later. They helped me with grammar, getting my ideas together and everything else that goes into writing a good paper. The Writing Center is something I think everyone should at least check to help you succeed in this class no matter what your level of writing is. Even with the help from the Writing Center individual effort is what really determines weather you succeed or fail.
So my list to success are these things
-Time management
-Seek help
-Motivate yourself

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